A larger cage for the NYC zoo's owl

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For one second he looked at me, melancholy, and then returned to looking at the sky, hopeless..so that has been impossible for me to take a fotograph of his wonderful face.

Imagine that he can make this life for the rest of his day is killing me from the end of my visit

Keeping animals in cages is tolerable ONLY if their sacrifice proves to be useful in order to make people, mainly the youngest, aware of their beauty and feral pride....

This is not the case with this owl (as well as penguins or bears) hosted by the central park zoo.

They are animals that need a daily flight exercise to stay healthy: what they were born for.

Please people from all over the world: show your compassion!

Imagine you are imprisoned like this, for crimes you never committed..

This battle means a lot to me, I felt the need to at least try.