Get Calvin Zuck off the streets

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Calvin is a menace to the streets and our families many people have rode in his taxi and have horror stories of his lack of concern and his recklessness he hasn't been held lawfully accountable for his actions just a slap on the wrist and  he was unable to drive at night. I would like him to be unable to drive a cab again or it would be preferred he never drive again. He has hit people before and he was under conditions not to drive at night after severely injuring a female pedestrian but he still continued to drive a family cab in our community, he recently killed a pedestrian who was walking home at night, he went to the family's home the next day to claim he committed suicide when the pedestrian had made plans to meet up with his brother and go pick up the love of his life (Susan) but he never made it to his destination and Susan will never get picked up by him again. It's not fair that he will never laugh again because a reckless sick oldman was too proud to admit he can't be trusted behind the wheel. In order for the family to feel any sort of relief from grief, justice needs to be served. Calvin needs to quit endangering people everytime he gets behind the wheel. We need to stop this man before his pride kills another brother, another friend, another loss that could be prevented by keeping him off the streets. Please consider signing this petition to help make our community safer, we need to stand together to prevent another tragedy from happening, next time it could be someone you love who doesn't make it home.