A Journey to Excellence: Protect our Teachers and AP Classes at Mount Gilead High School

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As of the 2018-2019 school year, all AP programs at Mount Gilead High School will be depleted. Our goal is to raise money and spread awareness for this issue and save the programs, as well as the teachers behind it. Without AP courses, students seeking a higher-level, more intense education will be forced to conform to mediocrity; only the courses required to be “sufficient” will remain. It is imperative that gifted students have the opportunity to let their talents flourish through these rigorous courses, and that we provide them with the analytical, philosophical, and comparative strategies they need for college or their future beyond high school. If you have ever been a part of an AP course in high school, would like to participate in AP in the future, or if you support the programs as a whole, we strongly encourage you to sign and speak up; let your voice be heard. With your help we can save the future of our students, all while stressing the importance of AP in our school, as well as that of other schools in the country.