Gujarat Samachar Cartoon Jokes on Jain Paryushan and Jain Traditions Totally Unacceptable

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Gujarat Samachar Cartoon Jokes on Jain Paryushan and Jain Traditions Totally Unacceptable and Unconditional Apology by them in all newspapers including thier own Gujarat Samachar in print and action on the Cartoonist Acharya

We Jain's are having our 8 days of Paryushan Parva and which are the most auspicions where we have our fasts,prayers,Daraser Visits daily,listen to our religious gurus ,donate our earnings as always and also ask for forgiveness to all forms of living and non living beings .

As Jains, we are the most non violent and peace loving community and the biggest donors for any cause and help to  any needy persons or cause without caste or creed,but in Today's Gujarat Samachar Gujarati Newspaper dated 9/9/18 in their Gaam Noi Gaamat Acharya Cartoon Column has not just joked but have  degraded and in a very offensive language and Series of Cartoons deplicted each of our great Jain  Teachings like Donations,Going to Derasar,Listening to our Religious Gurus and Scholars ,Fastings and our Great Paryushan days  and that too in our ongoing Paryushan days now .

By these Cartoons and Commentary on it has brought about we great pain and disgust to all  its majority readers who are not only gujaratis but majority of them are Jains   and a paper which we all hold in high esteem till now ,has printed this mindless,ridicule and degrading cartoons without a care for not Jain religion but any religion for that matter .

We all lodge our strong protest and would request all Jain's and readers of Gujarat Samachar  to stop subscription of it unless a print apology to Jain Samaj in not only thier newspaper but print apology in all major newspaper and News and Religious Channels too immediately and a firm action on the Cartoonist Acharya and the Editor with  a undertaking not to make Jainism or any religion or its Traditions a joke or degrade it in the future ever.

Plz request all Jains or non jains alike to sign the petition and let them get the message we won't be a silent spectator to our religious beliefs and traditions .