Fair Medical and Insurance treatment for a injured husband and father.

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Hi my name is Travis M. Dozier Sr. I am a injured local 108 union Carpenter. On 7/20/2015 I was working on a job repairing one of our country's road ways when I injured my neck and spine. Since that day these injuries have progressed and caused me a great deal of pain and suffering amongst other health issues such as a pulmonary embolism on 9/27/17. The reason for this petition is for everyone to see what I have been put through and to help me get some needed help on the matter. I was getting treated by a medical team at Berkshire medical center in Pittsfield, MA and after a few negative interventions I was forced to find a more professional medical facility else where. 1) they stated there is nothing wrong it's in your head for almost 2 years while my injuries were getting worst beyond repair and giving me opioids for pain . 2) on 9/27/17 I go for follow up with Dr. Anaral Bansal while having chest pains and a hard time breathing while he is examing me i express my concerns over these issues. Dr. Anaral Bansal states you are fine don't worry about it go home. I go to the Emergency instead there they state I am having a (pulmonary embolism) the Emergency department doctor states if I would have went home on Dr. Bansal instructions I would have died. So now I am forced to drive almost 2 hours away for great medical care. With Berkshire medical center taking so long to give proper treatment to my neck and spine and  A.I.M. mutual insurance giving such a problem to get me the proper procedure that is needed for my treatment the neurosurgeon states that I am looking at paralysis because now there is compression on the spine. All I ask is for people to stand up and say do what is right. My life is changed forever by this accident, a great Father of 4 torn.