A home for furbabies: Adopt, don't shop!

A home for furbabies: Adopt, don't shop!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Allyana Vicente

               We all know that animals especially native ones or what we called aspin (asong pinoy) and puspin (pusang pinoy) are not being prioritized by the government, resulting to this situation:

               One of the most common sight in the Philippines are scrawny cats sleeping on rubbish piles and mange, and ridden dogs limping along the streets. A large amount of fur babies is being dumped, ignored, abused or neglected. There are countless homeless animals dying on the streets.  And most of them are stray dogs and cats struggling to survive. Some of them were abandoned—ending up on the streets. Dogs and cats are domesticated animals that rely on humans for food, water, veterinary care, shelter and safety, they cannot survive on their own for long periods of time.

               On the streets, homeless dogs and cats are attacked by other animals and cruel people, they get hit by cars, and contract, spread, suffer from, and die from contagious diseases. Internal and external parasites literally devour them alive if simple diseases are left untreated.

               We consider it a problem because these animals can go without much food or shelter for their entire lives. Amid the health crisis in the country, humans are not the only ones struggling to wade through the pandemic. Stray dogs and cats are starving too. Every day as we leave the house to go to a certain place, we will see stray dogs and cats on the streets. They dodge cars, look for food in the garbage, battle malnutrition and sickness in silence. Perhaps you can say that their story is the same as any indigent on the street. The only difference is they can't speak and yet their pain and suffering are as real as yours and mine.

               Animals should live happy, healthy and free. They deserve to live and be part of a loving family. The petition's goal was to take vulnerable cats and dogs off the street and give them a secure environment, where they could live in complete safety until they found their permanent home.

               After varied degrees of difficulty in the hostile street environment or in the hands of callous owners, these stray dogs and cats can find hope and a permanent home—away from the horrors of the street and the tough life they previously led.

               With this, if grant by everyone, a shelter in every city will be provided for stray cats and dogs wherein this will be their temporary home until adopted. This is a no-kill shelter and rescue groups; therefore, pets are not killed as a means of making room for more animals. The only time that pets ‘lives are ended is when there is a case of irremediable illness, injury or behavior problems.

               To support the fur babies, a donation and programs will be held. In this shelter, each stray that are rescued are available for adoption. The adoption process will vary depending on the profile of the fur babies. To ensure the best possible match for both the pet and the adopter, there will be applications and questionnaires to be filled out. The programs that will be held for the donations will also be used to advocate people especially aspiring fur moms to stop buying from shops, instead adopt from a shelter because adopting means you save a life!

               To future fur moms, these are the benefits of adopting from a shelter than buying in a shop: (1) Adopting not only do you save your new loving companion, but it also makes room for other animals in need, producing a positive domino effect. (2) Adoption means you’re saying no to an awful practice and keeping money out of their pockets. Pets that are being sold from a shop are often factory-style breeding facilities that often prioritize profit over animal welfare. They are housed in poor conditions with little to no medical care, so the animals in these mills suffer greatly—often sick or traumatized, and the mothers are discarded once they’re no longer "profitable". (3) Adopting is affordable. You do not need to pay for it but you can donate or offer anything that can be a great help for the other sheltered dogs and cats, like dog food/cat food or vitamins in exchange for the fur baby that you adopt. (4) You Can Choose a Pet of Any Age.  

               The placement of the shelter is around Iriga City Hall as it is a local government property. If allowed by the LGU, this will help us save more money that we can use to finance the needs of the stray cats and dogs—foods, vitamins, and their necessities. With this, we can also coordinate with the leaders of the city to fund the construction of the shelter, since not only the people should be the priority but animals as well.

               Through this petition, by rehoming a pet, we may provide a loving and stable home for an animal that have been abandoned due to no fault.

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95 have signed. Let’s get to 100!