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Gov. Brown: Investigate the abuse of power & criminal forgery by David Frohnmayer, Bob Ackerman and the complicity of L.C. Government

    • I’m an Arab American Muslim woman who’s been targeted by all kinds of hate crimes since 1985!

      I’ve lost my fully paid Condo to the most corrupted Oregon's former A.G Dave Frohnmayer! 

      After the Condominium Associated of River Island Estates put a lien on it.. 

      I hired Bob Ackerman -'which I filed a complaint against him with OSB'- to take care of the lien that was imposed on me by Wells Fargo. 

      Bob Ackerman,sent a letter to my nephew vilifying me. Then, gave a power of attorney to my nephew, to remove me from the deed! Plus, Bob Ackerman added himself to the deed! Hired Scarlett Lee from Barnhart Associates to sell our fully paid condo, that was marketed it- ‘$150,000.00 in 1998′. Bob Ackerman only paid us back $40,000.00.  

      Dave Frohnmayer the one who was behind the whole deal! It was actually sold & listed on the web/public record $85,000.00                  

      HUD, ACLU, SPLC, OSB, NAACP, BOLI, are complicit in the crime! 

      The previous A.G. Hardy Myers. the two senators Wyden, Smith, and Congressman DeFazio are silent. 

      Oregon legislators, the unscrupulous officials of Lane County, with the two Mayors Jim Torrey and Kitty Piercy are also, complicit & refused to prosecute Bob Ackerman because of Frohnmayer crime!  

      I contacted the D.A. office they told me they have no jurisdiction on Frohmayer!

      My nephew & I contacted Richard Clark a real estate attorney.  After we left his office, Richard Clark called me to inform me he wouldn't take it! 

      Then I contacted the OSB to get a referral to an attorney. I went to see him, but again, he wouldn't take it!! 

      No attorney would take my case!  

      Stop this violent abuse & misogyny against us Muslim Arab Women!!! 

      Dave Frohnmayer had fired me from my teaching job at the UO and OSU! 

      Frohnmayer is preventing me from getting employed!  

      • Noone can sue this criminal cabal! Frohnmayer had secured both the D.A. and the City Attorney by providing Harrag Long to be in charge of these two offices. Plus, Harrang Long was also represting the University of Oregon! 

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Gov. Brown: Investigate the abuse of power by David Frohnmayer, Bob Ackerman and the complicity of Lane County Government.

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