A formal public inquiry into the United Kingdom's strategy towards COVID-19

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With the United Kingdom now topping the list for COVID-19 related deaths in Europe, it has become increasingly clear that the governments approach to tackling the outbreak has not been sufficient. Hospitals are under-prepared, there are many falling through the gaps of the governments Job Retention Scheme, among fears of a second peak in COVID-19 related deaths. 

With this in mind, I believe a public inquiry is needed to reassure the British public that the government are taking the necessary steps towards understanding their shortcomings, so that something of this scale does not happen again. Much like the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War, accountability needs to be established in order to learn lessons from this crisis, in the hope that future governments do not make the same mistakes, and are better prepared for similar events in the future. 

Although these are particularly difficult and unpredictable circumstances, the government have failed the public in their approach to containment and control of the virus, and again in its second phase of action. Reluctant in their approach to initial lockdown for the sake of the economy, many lives have been lost, despite Britain having had two additional weeks to prepare. 

This is call to the Prime Minister and his cabinet, for a formal public inquiry to take place.