Footpath on Baden Powell drive, Mount Eliza.

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A footpath on one side of Baden Powell drive

 The aim in this petition is to give the council an understanding of how important this pathway is to local residents and the community in general.

This footpath will link up a strategic network of connected paths that would both encourage and facilitate walking. This should be considered as an integral part of the path network in the Mount Eliza township to facilitate and encourage a safe walking route along this road for many of its residents. 

The urgent construction of this pathway will; 

1.  Increase Pedestrian safety
a. The current lack of a safe walking path along Baden Powell Drive is a huge safety concern for many families in the area, and it is only a matter of time before someone is hit by a car, injured or even worse given the narrow shoulders, poor lighting windy road from Nepean Highway along Baden Powell Drive.
b. Children currently have no way to commute (supervised or otherwise) to the many facilities available nearby (see 2. Below)

2. Provide connections to community facilities
a. A footpath would allow direct walking access for residents to:
i. Mt Eliza Shopping Precinct (c. 500m)
ii. Baden Powell Park Scout Group (5 levels, from ages 6 to 25)
iii. Baden Powell Pre-School (ages 3 and 4)
iiii. Baden Powell Cricket Club (9 junior sides from under 10’s through to under 16’s and 6 senior teams)
v. Baden Powell Maternal and Child Health Centre (active support and check-ups for many mums, dads and their children)
vi. A direct pathway link to:
1. The footpath already on Baden Powell Drive, Frankston between Humphries Road and Kars St, allowing access to the walking trails through Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve to Olivers Hill Boat Ramp
2. The Humphries Road footpath, and by association access to
a. Toorak College
b. the Norman Avenue Shops
c. Overport Tennis Club
d. Overport Park and childrens’ playground
e. Frankston Dolphins Junior Football Club
f. the Yamala Park Bowling Club
g. the Yamala Park Tennis Club
h. Various other local schools and pre-schools

3. Environmental                                                                                                         A footpath would have a beneficial impact on the environment along this stretch of road, as it would give pedestrians a defined area to walk without trampling native flora and fauna growing along the roadside.
b. We also note that there would either be limited or no vegetation required to be removed for the construction of this pathway.

5. Social
a. As outlined above, many of the facilities outlined encourage social interaction and community involvement, such as the scout groups, the cricket, tennis, bowls and football clubs.
b. Additionally, the number of pedestrians having to walk single file along the road (often with small children) would benefit incredibly by being able to talk and interact to those walking with them.

6. Economic impacts
a. A footpath which residents would use daily appears to be a sound investment into an area which has had very little financial investment over the last 10+ years.

In summary, this pathway needs to be made a priority under the Shire’s Footpath Construction Strategy as it is clearly a strategic investment which takes into consideration the above key factors.