Right to petitioner of a Family Court speedy Jury trial

Right to petitioner of a Family Court speedy Jury trial

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Maeriel Smith started this petition to 6th Judicial Court in Pinellas County Judge Cynthia Newton

There are many occurring problems in family court today. They are impeding children justice which is the essence of why Family court exist. 

We want all our rights and we want all of our rights right now. 

We need more monitoring of family court proceedings and rulings and stop the courts from making bias decisions not in the best interest of the children in the cases. 

Right now we are not allowed a jury trial or a speedy trial. Criminals have more rights than children. 

Case Number: 5220060010536FD Presiding: Judge Cynthia Newton

I, Maeriel Lucille Smith, am writing you on behalf of Larecia, Taylor and Emmanuel Frazer.  Larecia, Taylor, and Emmanuel Frazer are the children of Andre Romando Frazer and I. 

Andre and I we were actually in a ten year engagement prior to our breaking up due to his infidelity with his current wife.  I immediately filed a petition to add Taylor and Emmanuel Frazer to the existing order for child support due to his abandonment again. This was very important because I knew he did this before and I was not going to be able to do it alone. I have not been able to either. I have fallen ill. My children have also on different occasions.  It has been almost another ten years since our separation and his complete abandonment.  
Firstly, I am expressing to you my case matter of facts. I am asking for the courts to please rule in the best interest for our children in a just and fair way. I can not help but notice the consistency of the courts rulings. I am wondering if you can help investigate these ruling points.  
•Since August 2011 I petition the courts to add Taylor and Emmanuel Frazer to existing support case for Larecia Frazer in 2006 because this case involved 100 % time sharing on one parent which ensures high child care cost and increase expenses on one parent alone.  
•I was never served notice of court hearing held March 2012 which ordered Andre to increase his current monthly obligation by $50 and added Taylor  (4 years old and 4 months; at this time {ATT}) and Emmanuel Frazer ( 1 year and 3 months old; ATT) to the existing support order with Larecia Frazer (6 years old and 11months; ATT).  
•The order has not changed ever since.  My income was calculated at minimum wage and his income 10 an hour. He has received credits for his attorney fees. His total support order obligations were suspended for approximately 1 and a half years in March 2016. Since August 2011 filing, he has kept them only 2 to 4 nights in total. 
•There is an obvious need for an increase in support however it has been neglected to take place since filing date August 2011.  
•In July 2017; my support was reinstated and no increase was made in my order no restitution was ordered.  He didn’t even pay the $800 he was ordered to pay from the prior court date even though his child support order was suspended.  
•I was very ill the date of hearing March 1st 2016 I stated that and I asked for a continuance.  
•I did not have proper representation for myself or for my child and the opposing party did. 
• Please All modifications made on this case have been in the best interest of the opposing party and relieving him of his obligation.  
•Continuations unlimited for almost a decade now.  
•Our rights being trampled.  

Please help me ensure Larecia, Taylor, and Emmanuel Frazer best interest. They have completely lost their father physically please help them financially hold him accountable.  

Update: Recently the department of revenue has intercepted his wife and his income tax for 745.00 then gave it right back to him after giving him credit for being current. 

This is not child support enforcement for the kids on this case.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!