Reinstate Phil Robertson on his show and keep your hands off their freedom of speech.

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This petition is to get Phil back on the show that belongs to him and his family or, maybe even better, get the show and all the Robertsons taken away from A&E to another network that will appreciate them and not censor them. A&E is the one benefitting from their presences. Duck Dynasty is a cash cow for them and they will feel it when they lose them.

 A&E has suspended Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, his own show about his family and his company, for simply stating his own opinion about homosexuality without any threats or violence. Yet main stream media is perfectly OK with politicians and Hollywood calling for violent acts and the death of anyone who doesn’t submit to their will. Examples:

----Jason Biggs calling for the sexual assault of republican candidate’s wives:

----Politicians calling for union thugs to get “bloody if necessary” many other threats:

----Cher saying Tea Party members should be killed:

----Chris Noth calling for the whipping of Tea Party members:

The list for celebrities calling for violence and death on Twitter is too long to describe. Have any of them been suspended? No. What they are saying is a crime. The only speech not protected is speech inciting to violence. Are they in jail? No. But Phil Robertson, a quiet, conservative, kind man simply stated his beliefs without threats or violent talk of any kind and he is labeled as using hate speech, suspended from his own show and told he has no freedom of speech.

Things you can do are:

1. Sign this petition

2. Stop buying anything with “A&E” and “Dck Dynasty” on it and instead go to Duck Commander’s web site or Bass Pro and buy Duck Commander brand only. Get your stuff straight from the family, not the publicity machine of A&E.

3. Call, write and email the network telling them to keep their hands off the mouths of the Robertsons. Link to CEO and board names and titles:

4. Send a letter or email to Phil and his family to let them know you support their right to free speech.


Thank you  and God bless!

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