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A competition, a competition was where it all started. 

3 kids, one of them being me signed up for this competition and were very attracted by the prizes the winners would get, so we showed up on the date - not knowing what-ever to do. 

We joined a team (because we were from the same school) and began brainstorming ideas that would sure-shot get us winning place. Hours passed and we hadn't had anything yet. Soon we were getting desperate, and we grabbed the next idea we got. 

So we took that idea ahead, and I thought at home, really? Why did we select this idea? Aren't us kids' imagination and ideas just unlimited? So I began to think about ideas, and I came up with many! But the only problem was I didn't know how to do this!

So between many conversations in badminton practice, we came up with another idea, and that's how KidNect came into place! 

KidNect is a platform on which young innovative minds can come together with whatever crazy idea they have, then these kids from all across the world, discuss their idea, help each other out learn from each other, teach and finally make their idea reality.

This is a platform where kids can finally connect with each other, and make their mark. Soon KidNect took its place at the top of our minds and through the next few boot camps we looked around at other groups in the competition and the variety of ideas just fascinated us. And our passion for KidNect grew.

Imagine just imagine how much innovation our world would take if a platform, that could give this opportunity of innovation and learning to everyone, not only the ones in this competition - girls, boys, teens, tweens, refugees, disabled, abled everyone! 

Now that imagination is true, say hello to - KidNect.

Sign this to give kids around the world to realise their idea, sign this to join the next generation of innovation, sign this to solve any problem across the world. 

This. Is. KidNect.


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