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A cat named Twitter needs your help

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Hi, my name is Nick Meyer and I've been rescuing animals all of my life.  My Mother rescued animals, so this is something that I was born and raised to do.  We live in a neighborhood where people drop off animals or they don't get their pets neutered and about 10 years ago I started rescuing them.  It got to the point where we were getting too many.  I don't know much about computers but my girlfriend, Geralyn Wiedeman, does.  She posted ads online.  We also volunteered with local rescues to find homes for the animals that I rescued.  Last year I rescued 2 kittens, Twitter and her brother Simon.  Simon got a good home right away, but Twitter had an upper respiratory.  I nursed her to health and when I felt she was strong enough I put her up for adoption.   What I do is bring the pet to a person's house for a trial basis.  No adoption fee or contract is completed until I'm sure that the home is a good one.  In December, I was contacted by Cori Cooper about adopting Twitter.  My girlfriend and I took Twitter to her house.  She had a previous cat that got out of the house and died a tragic death but she assured us that she was older and wiser now and just wanted to adopt a kitten for her and her 8 year old daughter.  I told her I'd leave Twitter there on a trial basis.  At first the adoption was rocky because her older teenage daughter scared Twitter but Cori still wanted to keep her.  Six weeks later she asked us if we could take care of Twitter while she was on vacation.  I said yes and reminded her that she still hadn't made the commitment to adopt her.  She said she'd get around to it.  When I got there Twitter was no where to be found.  Upon an extensive search we found her in the basement hiding under a sofa.  I noticed that both Cori and her 8 year old daughter had claw marks all over their hands.  Cori put Twitter in a carrier and I took her with me.  When I got her home I noticed that her tail was swollen and she came out of the carrier like a demon, hissing at cats that just  6 weeks earlier she'd been sleeping with.  After 4 days we finally had her calmed down.  I was concerned about the welfare of Twitter.  She had never acted like this before and her tail was still very sensitive.  Cori stated that her 8 year old child and her friends would torture the cat, that she'd run so hard down the steps that she hit a metal vase.  They thought this was funny (I didn't and I told her so).  Cori also told me that Twitter was scared of guests and that they weren't home 90% of the time.  She's a kitten!  She needed to be nurtured. After much consideration, I made the decision to call the adoption off.   Well, Cori had an ex parte motion drawn up and Kenton County Animal Control came to my house.  Six vehicles showed up banging on windows and yelling.  I was at a neighbor's house and went to see what was going on.  I allowed them to come in and inspect.  They found a clean house and healthy animals so they left, but before they did they insisted that I get a commercial license.  By week's end I had the license which involved another inspection.  This was followed by yet another visit from Kenton County police to tell me that we couldn't adopt or dispose of Twitter.  The interesting thing about the motion is that they named my girlfriend, Geralyn Wiedeman, not me, so I thought the civil suit wouldn't be valid.  Geralyn filed a per se answer in a timely manner and stated that the civil documents were wrong.  This is an adoption that was never followed through.  Cori never completed the adoption contract, she never paid the adoption fee.   I was within my rights to change my mind regarding the adoption.    On May 7 an emergency ex parte motion was signed by the Kenton County Courts.  Kenton County Animal Control came first thing in the morning on the 8th and took Twitter from me saying that I'd go to jail if I didn't let them.  Since it wasn't my name on the document, I had Geralyn call Kenton County courthouse and she was told there was a hearing that day at 1:00 PM.  They filed a motion to take the cat prior to the hearing!  This was an illegal ex parte!  Geralyn left work and I met her at the courthouse.  Neither Cori Cooper or her attorney showed up.  This case should have been dismissed and Twitter should have been returned to me.  During the proceeding, Judge Kenneth Easterling stated that Geralyn should have filed a per se answer.  She stated, I did!  And his secretary then proceeded to show him the document.  She asked that the cat be returned her and he said no.  He said that Twitter would reside at the Kenton County Animal Shelter until mediation.  While we were in the courthouse, Cori Cooper was at Kenton County Animal Shelter and they gave her my cat Twitter.  The courts did not force her to return the cat to Kenton County Animal Shelter as directed by the judge.  She should have been held in contempt.  At this point I hired 2 attorneys.  We filed a motion to get Twitter back.  We were back in court on May 29.  What should have been a motion, turned into a trial.  We were blindsided.  They had Cori, her 8 year old daughter, and Kenton County Animal Control.  I explained to the courts that I rescued her, that she acted differently and I was concerned for the cat's health. We had no adoption agreement, no fee was paid, she was my cat.  None of this seemed to matter.  Cori and the courts did all they could to make me look bad and in the end he made the temporary motion to allow Twitter to stay with the Plaintiff Cori Cooper.  Judge Easterling and Cori Cooper made me feel like a criminal for rescuing animals!  Under contract law in the state of KY there needs to be offer, acceptance and consideration.  There was never any consideration because the process was never completed.  I was within my right to get my cat back.  I'm concerned for Twitter.  I rescued her, I took care of her when she was a kitten with an upper respiratory.  I paid to have her spayed, blood tested, rabies shots and vaccination.  Cori is supported by a rich doctor who will pay whatever it takes for her to be able to keep Twitter.  They've offered me thousands and thousands of dollars.  Twitter is my cat and I'm worried sick about her.  My rights have been violated on so many levels.  Please sign this petition asking Judge Kenneth Easterling to give me my cat back.  There are so many discrepancies in this case, things that he's overlooking or ignoring.  This is not Cori Cooper's cat.  I'm desperately worried about her.  Please consider signing my petition.   

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