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Michael Harris raised a wide variety of important topics, interviewed expert guests and provided in-depth analysis and balance on issues such as Palestinian rights, the environment and the Harper Government's undemocratic behaviour. His guests transcended all political affiliations.

Letter to
Bell Media Richard Gray
CFRA, Bell Media Steve Winogron
On Thursday February 9, 2012, Michael Harris was fired from his popular afternoon radio show, "Michael Harris live" on CFRA, owned by Bell Media.

Michael Harris is a Woodrow Wilson Scholar and an award winning author. Four of his books have sparked Canadian Royal Commissions

Michael Harris had been with CFRA for the last 11 years, interviewing expert guests and providing in-depth analysis on Palestinian rights, environmental issues and the Harper governments undemocratic behaviour, just to name a few.

His guests transcended all political affiliations. Here is a small sampling:

•MPs from all political parties including Wayne Easter (LIB), Megan Leslie (NDP) Elizabeth May (Green), Tony Clement (Con)

•Alex Neve – President of Amnesty International

•Trevor Purvis – Professor of International Law at Carleton University

•Eddie Greenspon- Lawyer, on the Harper Government’s relaxation of rules regarding use of evidence obtained through torture

•Scott Taylor – Esprit de Corps Magazine, on the folly of military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

•Paul Heinbecker – Canada’s former ambassador to the UN, a regular guest providing informative and neutral commentary on a variety of international issues

•Alan Dershowitz - American professor and unconditional supporter of Israel

•Eva Barttlet – International Solidarity Movement observer in Gaza

•Gerald Celente-US bank bail outs, corporate criminality and the impending collapse of the American economy.

We believe that Michael Harris was fired from CFRA because of his political views that provided much needed balance to a station leaning very much to the right.

Bell Media deny this. An examination of the facts indicates otherwise.

Three extremely right-wing talk show hosts were retained:

•Nick Vandergragt a recent hire and right-wing militarist;
•Lowell Green who is past retirement age
•John Counsell, a Pastor who moonlights in the 10 pm to midnight spot.

Are we to believe that keeping three right wingers and firing the one balancing voice was purely a business decision?

This attempt to silence Michael Harris is a tremendous loss of important political analysis, information and debate in the Nation’s capital.

Michael Harris always believed in standing up for one’s principals. He once quoted Martin Luther King on the air, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Sign this petition to demonstrate that you will not remain silent.

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