A Call to Optionalize the #RM120 College Dinner/ Menjadikan KK Dinner sebagai Pilihan

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Optionalize KK Dinner!

Every University of Malaya student residing in the residential colleges is required to pay RM120 to attend the expensive annual "KK Dinner." 

We, the Pro-Student Camp - UMANY, Angkatan Mahasiswa, and Demokrat UM would like call upon the students to demand: 

1) Optionality to Attend College Dinner
2) Transparency in Financial Statement in regards to College Dinner Funds
3) More Affordable and Economical Option for College Dinner Function to a      maximum amount of RM100

We believe that the implementation of the compulsory RM120 payment for KK dinner is a financial burden for the students, especially those who came from low-income families. And thus, we call for an action (petition) to abolish the compulsory payment and return the right and freedom of the students to make choices.

It is absolutely absurd that the college authority forces students to attend an event without having their consent in the first place. Moreover, the implementation of such policy is clearly an approach to soft kidnapping. Because of the compulsory payment, students that do not wish to sacrifice their RM120 were eventually forced to participate 'psychologically', even though they have no intention to do so.

After all, RM120 is not a small amount to most of us. If one were to spend RM5 for a single meal in UM, that could be our food allowance for an entire week!

We sincerely urge the university to be considerate and respect the autonomy of the students to make free choices and break the chain of infringement upon the students imposed by the college authority.

Thank you.

#Freedomofchoice #studentautonomy #MY120

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