Call For Unity/Collaboration within the frontline leaders of Southern Cameroons

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  • Whereas our BOYS in ground zero are being killed by LRC forces; and,
  • Whereas our people - innocent men, women and children - are being burnt alive in their houses; and,
  • Whereas our villages are being burnt daily by LRC terrorist forces; and,
  • Whereas over 60.000 fellow Ambazonians are currently refugees in Nigeria; and,
  • Whereas over 160.000 other fellow Ambazonians are currently displaced and are in very difficult conditions in the forests; and,
  • Whereas we prefer to focus on nation building when we regain our independence rather than settle leadership struggles; and,
  • Whereas the people of Ambazonia demand TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY in this revolution; and
  • Whereas the people of Ambazonia demand NOTHING SHORT OF DEMOCRACY even in this revolution;
  • Whereas our independence will ONLY be settled through a negotiation, and negotiators will approved by the people; and expected to speak with ONE VOICE; and,
  • Whereas for any such negotiations, competent teams across all fractions/groups of Ambazonians must be involved; and,
  • Whereas only UNITED ARE WE STRONG; and,
  • Whereas to be taken seriously we must send only ONE MESSAGE TO LRC and to the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY; and,
  • Whereas many frontline leaders acknowledge their willingness to work with and for any leader in this revolution that is democratically elected;and,
  • Whereas the disagreements and differing egos within the frontline leaders have significantly hindered this struggle and has resulted to avoidable deaths of many Ambazonians; and,
  • Whereas we are tired of these disagreements and never-ending “promises” of the willingness with no results till date, and,
  • Whereas this disagreement has not only divided our resources but divided and weakened us as Ambazonians during a time we need to stay united; and,
  • Whereas we the people of Ambazonians realize we need an active all-inclusive leadership to coordinate and direct all actions that will lead us to independence.
    Therefore, we the people of Ambazonia petition as follows:
  • That there shall be dialogue held no later than two months from the date of passage of this document, in which a new and inclusive government shall be ELECTED to steer our struggle forward.
  • Furthermore, at least 40% of the positions in this government should be held by qualified women.
  • Furthermore, that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Mr. Mancho Bibixy will be free and present at the negotiation with LRC and the International Community and that no negotiation shall take place without the unconditional release of all Ambazonians  from LRC prisons.
  • Furthermore, that those negotiations with LRC and the International Community shall be on independence terms only.
  • Furthermore, that Mr. Milan Atam shall distance himself from the struggle for our Liberation, and neither be a part of any dialogue, government or negotiations going forward.
  • Furthermore, the interim government led by Mr. Sako shall commit itself openly to this dialogue not later than June 12th 2018, have no role in organizing the dialogue to avoid a repetition of the 4th conclave events; and consider itself at the same level with all other frontline groups.
  • Furthermore, that the interim government resist from making controversial statements, that jeopardizes our standing in the eyes of the international community as people that are defending themselves.
  • Furthermore, that our target is Paul Biya, his government not francophones.
  • Finally, should the interim government fail to heed this People's call and refuse to respond accordingly by June 14th, it shall no longer be considered as representing the People of Ambazonia in any capacity.

N.B. That we the people of Ambazonian will play an active role in shaping the type of Ambazonia we want and shall not accept any form of dictatorship forced upon us by any group, including the interim government. We are in a revolution. There will be time for politicking; but not now. Our focus and the focus of all patriotic Ambazonians should be to get our nation back.