A call for the Welsh Government to give the childcare sector the recognition it deserves

A call for the Welsh Government to give the childcare sector the recognition it deserves

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Why this petition matters

Started by zoe chappell

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has been clear to see the recognition and dedication of Health and Social Care staff, has been prioritized greatly over other sectors. 

Childcare practitioners and other Education sectors have taken a backseat and have become the "forgotten" sector throughout, causing low morale and a clear decline in students wanting to gain a qualification in the sector. There are also many qualified practitioners now choosing to leave the sector due to the way we have been treated throughout. 

As a Childcare Level 3 student myself, it has come to my attention that Health and Social care students have received a £500 grant from the Welsh Government, furthermore putting Health and Social courses at an advantage. 

I believe that the Welsh Government, as well as the UK Government need to seriously look into the work that Childcare students and practitioners undertake and the sacrifices that they have made/continue to make. 

The Welsh Government has stated that this funding "will help students complete their studies and encourage progression into the sector and support career development". 

Health and Social care students have attended college settings 3 days a week on campus with no placement/work undertaken. 

However, Childcare practitioner students have attended the college campus for 3 days a week, completing all exams and coursework needed - whilst also completing two days a week placements in childcare and school settings, risking putting themselves at risk of contracting Covid-19, yet we receive no support or recognition of the work we do. 

I believe that the public and the government, need to recognize that without the childcare sector, a lot of parents would not be able to work in the health and social care sector, as well as every other sector. That without childcare practitioners, educators and students - children would not be receiving quality education and provision. 

Statistics already show that a lack of education and provision is having an impact on children who are now at a lower level in development and struggle with anxiety/mental health issues. The pandemic has underlined that we need skilled staff to deliver quality care and provision which the people of the UK and Wales rely on every day. 

Childcare students and practitioners love their roles and are rewarded with the children's success. However, it is time to show the impact that being the "forgotten" sector is having on our well-being and mental health. As students, we have had a lot more to contend with than Health and Social students but they are reaping the rewards. 

We call on the Welsh Government to address this issue and close the gap between the two sectors which are crucial to the running of this country. We are also a care sector but our work is not seen as, as important as those in health unfortunately. 

If you work in a childcare or education setting, attend a college or university studying for childcare qualifications or have family members affected by this issue then please sign this petition and spread it far and wide. It is time we took a stand and gained the recognition that this sector so truly deserves, as without us, a lot more families would be unable to work and children will be missing out greatly.

Thank You

71 have signed. Let’s get to 100!