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There are far too many kids being bullied and suffering at the hands of others. The physical scars are plain to see but the emotional ones aren't and can change the life of a child forever. These emotional scars are just as painful as the physical ones and can cause a child to withdraw, rebel, suffer from depression or even worse. In our schools the children are taught about fire safety, pedestrian safety, drug and alcohol prevention, the dangers of talking to strangers and how to be safe on the internet. Currently there doesn't seem to be as strong of an initiative in the school system to educate students and parents on bullying and its effects. The Wilson County School System should be more proactive and provide more of this type of education. Burying their heads in the sand or chalking incidents up to "kids being kids" just isn't enough. Times are hard; people are meaner and children are at risk. Stand up, set an example Wilson County Schools and demand responsibility and good citizenship!!  Take a firm, zero tolerance stand and show these children and their parents they are safe and that you truly care!!!

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  • Sean Bulson, Wilson County Schools Superintendent
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