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A Call for New SUSD Leadership

Representatives of Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) parent, taxpayer and education organizations have united to call for the immediate termination of SUSD Superintendent Dr. Denise Birdwell.

Currently under investigation by the Arizona Attorney General’s office, SUSD’s management has failed teachers, staff and students, mismanaged millions of dollars in taxpayer money and put the future of our local public schools at risk. Among the many concerning facts:

o   A December Scottsdale Education Association survey found that 92% of teachers surveyed “have no confidence in [Superintendent] Dr. Birdwell”.

o   An SUSD internal investigation revealed the district failed to recognize it was being overbilled hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money by a contractor hired without a bidding process. 

o   SUSD hired the architecture firm of convicted felon Brian Robichaux for the November 2016 $229 million school construction bond. Recent documents reveal Superintendent Birdwell emailed Robichaux in 2012 regarding personal favors.

o   CFO Laura Smith resigned pending an investigation into conflicts of interest identified by community members several months ago.


  • AS PRESSURE TO RESIGN BUILDS, DENISE BIRDWELL'S AUTHORITARIAN ABUSE OF OUR SCHOOLS INTENSIFIES. Not less than daily, she now launches despicable attacks on Parents, Teachers, School Based Administrators and even students. 
  • Now more than ever, it is critical that Denise Birdwell be removed immediately

Our students, teachers and school staff deserve better. Join us in calling for:

1. The immediate termination of SUSD Superintendent Denise Birdwell.

2. The formation of a committee comprised of teachers, administrators, board members and community leaders to oversee the recommendation of candidates for Interim and Permanent Superintendent. 

Thank you for your support! Learn more about this effort and join us for a district-wide New Leadership Now Rally on February 13, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. at Coronado High School. See for details.

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