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Investigate Potential Criminal Charges for PULSE Exit Blocker, Luis Burbano

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We are all horrified of what happened in Orlando, Florida on the morning of June 12th, 2016. The terrorists name will not be dignified with being written here, but the innocent victims of this attack had only one other exit besides the front door, and this exit was blocked by coward Luis Burbano. It's true that we may not know what we would do in that situation, but we certainly know we wouldn't have taken a purposeful action that would directly result in more death. Those poor people were forced to retreat back into the club where their killer awaited. His actions were reprehensible and this is not a call for a witch hunt, this is just a call for an investigation into whether there was Criminal Negligence by Luis Burbano in this attack. Please consider signing our petition so that this does not fall through the cracks in the investigation. Below are videos of Burbano admitting his actions that night on national television as he tried to capitalize on the incident before being called out by Megan Kelly.

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