"rapping with melody"aka NANA

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In 2016, Artist "a boogie wit da hoodie" sang a short verse prior of going to an interview. Not much was known about the verse but later in 2017, he had the same verse on a beat posted on Facebook stating "if there are 17,000 shares than he will released the song". he never did. The song was again previewed around 2018 and in late 2019 it was confirmed to be on artist 2.0. It never did. The song brings back nostalgic vibes and fans throughout the community have been patently waiting. The verse recently has appeared in the "high bridge the label " Instagram page

We are asking the Label to consider releasing the song as a single to appeal to the fans that have been waiting for such a long time. It has been teased more than enough times. so " baby girl lets start slow.