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300,000 rakyat want to help Lim Guan Eng escape his bad Feng Shui bungalow scandal.

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YAB Lim Guan Eng has been badly attacked over his underpriced Bungalow Scandal.

According to YB Teresa Kok, this bungalow has bad feng shui which has made life miserable for YAB Lim recently. 

We seek 300,000 Malaysians to pledge RM10 each to reach RM3 million which will be used to buy over YAB Lim's bungalow and convert it to a community pets medical center for the benefit of Penang cats and dogs.

By buying over his bungalow, we sincerely believe we can help YAB Lim escape the bad feng shui, stop the scandal, prevent further corruption allegations and halt further attacks on his and DAP's credibility..

The price of RM3 million will be fair to YAB Lim Guan Eng as he has paid only RM2.8 million for the property and will thus make a small profit on the sale - even though the property's market value is as high as RM6.5 million.



1. By signing this petition, you agree to pledge to donate RM10 each towards this cause.

2. You understand that no money shall be collected from you provided 300,000 people have signed this pledge and YAB Lim Guan Eng agrees to sell his bungalow to us for RM3 million.

3. Should this donation pledge do not reach 300,000 persons by 31st July 2016 and/or YAB Lim refuses our offer, this pledge drive is deemed automatically cancelled.

4. Your pledge is entirely voluntary. Signing this pledge does not constitute a binding contract in any way under the laws of Malaysia or any other countries.

5. No warranties or representations are given or expressed in any way.

6. This is a voluntary effort for a Better Malaysia.  

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