A Better Future for 1 Yarra Boulevard (Melbourne's Missing Link)

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The government land at 1 Yarra Boulevard forms a potentially vital link between enormous tracts of Melbourne parkland.

The purpose of the petition is two fold:

1. to reject the proposal for a garden supplies operation

2. to recommend that the land is used more appropriately - as a parkland / trail connection

UPDATE - May 18, 2017

Some great news...

Stage one of the petition has been achieved.

The City of Boroondara has refused the garden supplies proposal. They have provided 8 different reasons for their refusal. 

Stage two (the parkland proposal) is still pending.

In light of the 2016 proposal that would have brought 50 tonne trucks on to the Yarra Boulevard and added significant advertising along the Eastern Freeway, it is still vital that the government is secured for the future as parkland. 

In particular, a planning report prepared by the Department of Planning and Urban Growth (Middle Yarra River Concept Plan, 1990) clearly labels land at 1 Yarra Boulevard as "Proposed Outer Circle Linear Park" indicating that the original idea was indeed to connect all the way through to the Yarra Boulevard.

Elsewhere in the report, it states:

"The [Yarra Boulevard unit of Yarra Bend Park] connects with the northern extremity of the proposed Outer Circle Linear Park which could bring people to the river as far away as Caulfield". 

For some time in the interim, the land was used as a VicRoads depot. This  can hopefully now be considered a temporary measure and now that the depot has been closed for many years and is currently in a dilapidated condition, the original parkland idea should be revived. 

Some points to consider: 


At the moment, the associated parkland of the Anniversary Outer Circle Trail terminates suddenly and inappropriately at the Chandler Highway - near the Eastern Freeway bridge. To move any further west, cyclists and pedestrians must share a narrow footpath along the freeway bridge while negotiating slip lanes both entering and exiting the freeway.

If the trail could be extended through the identified land, it would form a vital parkland connection between the south eastern network of Melbourne trails (approx 31 kms including the Anniversary Trail and Gardiner's Creek Trail) to that of  the Yarra Boulevard (a cycling/waking/jogging stronghold) and the 260 hectare Yarra Bend Park. 


The park would provide excellent amenity for the surrounding residential land - especially the unit/apartment developments along Hope Court, Grace Court and Vaughan Crescent - all of which is adjoining land.


Unlike so much of Boroondarra, Manningham, Whitehorse, Banyule and Maroondah, the freeway in this area has a particularly tight buffer zone. What little land there is would surely be best suited to parkland.


* Links existing parkland

* An opportunity to extend the existing network of walking/cycling trails

* Does not encourage trucks into the area 

* Does not encourage advertising

* Improves the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. 

* A win for the environment (more open space, increased flora and fauna, etc).

* Complimentary to the adjoining residential land

* Complimentary to historic Willsmere (originally it occupied all of the surrounding lands - a total of 340 acres).