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Shutdown 9GAG

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As you may know, 9GAG is an infamous website on the Internet created to be "funny"

However, their definition of "funny" isn't exactly what you would call a good joke. 9gag is filled with gore images, child pornography, racism and homophobic content.

When a 15 year old girl named "Amanda Cummings" committed suicide in December 2011,users from 9GAG were quick to get to her Facebook memorial page to post nasty and offensive comments about her death causing much grief to her family and friends, trolls from 9GAG also claimed to be from other websites, however the IP addresses were known to post on 9GAG and visit frequently.

This is not the only act 9GAG has commited, in recent times, 9GAG has made fun of 16-year-old British teenager Heidi Crowter who has Down's Syndrome, trolls from 9GAG created an 'image macro' saying "I Can Count To Potato", making fun of her disability just to insight hate.

On July 19th 2012, at the premier of the blockbuster movie "The Dark Knight Rises", a rouge gunman went into the theatre and shot at the crowd killing 14 people and wounding 58 others. This attack was in-sighted by 9GAG users when a post made a few days prior to the shootings was posted on the site.

The above reasons are just a few reason as to why we need to stop and get rid of 9GAG, by signing this petition, you are doing good for the web and the world.

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