Voice your opinion on the development plan9224 & 9230 Creditview Road, File: OZS-2022-0013

Voice your opinion on the development plan9224 & 9230 Creditview Road, File: OZS-2022-0013

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On March 18th, 2022 Planning & Development department of city of Brampton issued a letter for a Public Meeting ( Virtual) to be held on April 25th 2022, the letter was received on April 5th 2022 by residents, the bill board was installed in end of March 2022, with respect to the Application to Amend the Zoning By Law and for a Draft Plan for Subdivision with Proposal to Develop 30 Residential Dwellings comprising of 10 Single Detached & 20 Semi Detached units. 9224 & 9230 Creditveiw Road (West of Creditview Road and North of Queen Street W.) CIty File: OZS-2022-0013. On account of COVID-19 city has decided to hold a virtual public meeting on April 25th 2022 at 7:00 PM. To view the meeting there is a link provided on the city's website, to provide comments you can write to Nitika Jagtiani  nitika.jagtiani@brampton.ca.   cityclerkoffice@brampton.ca

You can also submit your video/audio recording of up to 5 minutes to the City Clerk's Office at  cityclerkoffice@brampton.ca ( to be played at the meeting, please submit latest by 4:30PM on April 19th 2022)

If you intend to speak and make your voice heard at the meeting you need to Pre-Register with the Clerk's office by emailing immediately to:  cityclerkoffice@brampton.ca , no later than 4:30PM on April 19th 2022. Once your email is received the City Clerk's office will provide instructions for how to connect to and speak at the meeting " To hear your Side".

IF YOU OPPOSE THIS DEVELOPMENT AND HAVE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS YOU CAN CONTACT MAYOR PATRICK BROWN Patrick.Brown@brampton.ca  Regional Councillor Paul Vicente paul.vicente@brampton.ca   Councillor Rowena Santos  rowena.santos@brampton.ca

You can simply write " I strongly oppose this proposed development", but for greater impact please write 2 to 3 sentences outlining your main objections.

April 8th to 19th 2022 is a critical opportunity time to VOICE OUR OPINIONS on this proposed development that includes:

  • 30 Residential Dwelling units
  • 10 Single Dwellings Detached
  • 20 Semi Dwellings Semi Detached: that we are opposing.

Most importantly, this proposed development will require both rezoning and an Official Community Plan amendment as its current classification is for Single Detached Dwellings that does not allow for Semi Detached Buildings. It will contribute significantly enhance density of traffic which creates lot of hurdles for free movement of daily walkers & school going children. The Creditview Road is a Heritage Road and hence cannot be expanded to accommodate this additional rise in traffic on account of these new dwellings. This can represent lot of danger to the community living in this area on account of additional 70-80 vehicles on this generally quiet road. Also this proposed amendment dampers the Perception of the Estates of Credit Ridge as being the Heritage site with natural environmental features of the land with executive type housing experience.

This is a critical opportunity to give Public Input such as providing comments on this proposed development as well as asking any questions we may have.

Nitika Jagtiani, the city Development Planner assigned to this case, will compile all the Public Input that she receives, along with other information, and write a detailed report that she gives to the developer of 9224 & 9230 Creditview Road. We will need to continue sending our input such as written letters, emails and phone calls to Nitika Jagtiani, Development Planner at 905-874-2600 or Dial *3-1-1 or nitika.jagtiani@brampton.ca and Mayor Patrick Brown. Partrick.Brown@brampton.ca and Regional Councillor Paul Vicente paul.vicente@brampton.ca and Councillor Rowena Santos rowena.santos@brampton.ca

Thank you once again for all your support.

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510 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!