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barbara weiss
London, United Kingdom

Nov 5, 2017 — It is very comforting to know that so many people feel so strongly about trying to save Victoria Tower Gardens for Londoners and London lovers that they take the time and make the effort to write and sign and speak...

We have now achieved 800 new signatures since the announcement of the competition winner.

The level of stubbornness of the proponents of the Memorial and Learning Centre therefore leaves us all dumbfounded. Why aren't the Holocaust Memorial Foundation leaders listening to so many good arguments, to so many thoughtful people who genuinely think this is all a massive mistake? What is their personal gain? Why do they want to go down in history as the "bad guys" who destroyed this very "poignant" park ?

Having used this very term themselves, in their writings, they now, totally disingenuously, cannot even imagine or understand that all the poetry of VTG, and its unique genius loci, will be totally desecrated by their proposal, replaced by the inevitable crassness of a bombastic and un-subtle mass-tourist destination.

With the inevitable rise in the acrimony surrounding this dispute, inevitably the spirit of the project has been seriously damaged. At a time in which this country is tearing itself apart over so many different issues, surely another source of divisiveness should be avoided at all costs?

Maybe someone could remind us why the Memorial and Learning Centre cannot be sited in the grounds of IWM, or on the Mall, or in Russell Square, or in College Green…


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