Give Ian McCollum a cameo in a John wick movie

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Ian McCollum is a prominent figure in the firearms community and is a fan of the John Wick franchise.

Since firearms are heavily featured in more realistic and interesting ways in this series than other action movies it would be fitting for a man who makes his living of firearms, or more accurately his knowledge of them be featured in an installment.

I think Ian McCollum would make a great cameo or something similar in this franchise for the reason listed above.

Ian McCollum is well respected and admired in the firearms community and has been largely apolitical so the risk of controversy is very low. So 87Eleven and other organisations has nothing to lose by giving Ian a role in an upcoming John Wick movie.

I and many others (Including Ian himself) would be very pleased to see Ian in an upcoming John Wick installment.

Let's make it happen!