Stop Work on 810 Barret Avenue Now!

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To Mayor Greg Fischer and Metro Council members:

Many questions have been raised about the process by which The Marian Group was chosen to develop the site located at 810 Barret Avenue. In particular:

1) scoring appears to be inconsistent across the developers. For example, the first developer listed, Marian Group, received a score of 90 on Connectivity, while Underhill Associates received a score of only 75. This is confusing, given that the only difference between the 2 proposals in this regard is that while Marian Group proposed a central path through the property, Underhill’s plan, which would preserve the existing buildings, necessarily calls for access paths down either side of it.

2) the proposal that was selected, which was submitted by Marian Group, both fails to meet key requests made by the area residents and neighbors and includes things they specifically said they did not want—and to a much greater degree than several of the other proposals.

3) Further, Marian Group’s plans (as outlined in Insider Louisville, Courier-Journal, and various broadcast reports) appear to have significantly changed since the version of the proposal evaluated, and ultimately selected, by the committee. For example, plans for a hotel have been scrapped. Marian Group also now plans on buying 2 acres of the site from the city for $1 (!!) on which they will build 22 houses, which will then be sold, with all profits accruing to the Marian Group.

Such material changes, as well as the other concerns above, would seem to warrant a re-evaluation of all the proposals, as well as allowing the developers to revise and re-submit their proposals in response to the evaluations of the selection committee.

We, the undersigned, are asking that any development work on this property be put on indefinite hold until the questions and concerns outlined above are addressed and have been met to the satisfaction of the residents and neighbors whose wants, needs, concerns, and desires were supposed to be an integral consideration in the development of 810 Barret Avenue.

To signees: Please include in the Comments section your zip code so the Mayor can see that signees include residents around 810 Barret; also please indicate which proposal you preferred: Lifestyle Communities, Marian Group, Steve Smith, Underhill Associates, or Weyland. If you did not have a preference, put "Undecided."