7th Ward Alderman Mitchell: Support Community Efforts for a South Works CBA

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7th Ward Alderman Mitchell: Support Community Efforts for a South Works CBA

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Coalition for a Lakeside CBA started this petition to Alderman Greg Mitchell

The Coalition for a Lakeside CBA (Community Benefits Agreement) would like a commitment to co-facilitate a public meeting in the 7th Ward with the final bidder of the South Works site. The Coalition would like to work together with Alderman Mitchell in order to ensure that the families who built this community can stay in this community and have access to:

  • Educational resources
  • Job training employment programs that prioritize the hiring of local residents
  • Affordable housing available to local residents
  • Environmental protections


The US Steel South Works site on the Southeast side of Chicago is a 430 acre development that is in the process of being sold by US Steel to a bidder that is unknown to the community. Development of the South Works site will be one of the largest developments taking place in the region. It is the last lakefront property in Chicago and has the potential to be the largest source of new local jobs.

We believe the development should benefit community members, not push them out. The Coalition has four main focuses: educational resources, job training and local hiring, affordable housing, and environmental protections. 

What is a CBA?

A Community Benefits Agreement is a legally binding document between the community and the developer of a major site. A Community Benefits Agreement ensures that the developer works with the community and the community with the developer to bring positive changes to the local area. 

Who is the Coalition for a Lakeside CBA?

The Coalition for a Lakeside CBA is a group of over 40 local organizations, including community organizations, schools, churches, and block clubs committed to ensuring that the upcoming development benefits the neighborhoods it will be affecting. 

To learn more about the Coalition for a Lakeside CBA, please click here
Proposed CBA language here.

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This petition had 95 supporters

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