75th Street PROTECTION From Flash Mobs

75th Street PROTECTION From Flash Mobs

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Started by Rodney Johnson


Dear Mayor Lightfoot,

 On  April 23rd, Saturday night into Sunday morning, 75th street was overtaken by another group of Flash mob thugs similar to what happened last year which ended in tragic results, prompting your visit with us on 75th street. At 1AM one of my neighbors from 74th and Calumet couldn't sleep because of the loud noise and walked up to 75th street to see it filled with people, cars and traffic was at a standstill! Several neighbors called for police help and none showed up. Unfortunately at 2:36AM on the corner of 75th & Prairie, a neighbor living on the 74th & Prairie block witnessed the shooting, "30-40 gunshots were fired from multiple shooters and luckily only one person was shot in the leg." 

 We MUST get ahead of this before the activity continues and gets worse! We will not accept unruly Mob behavior in our neighborhood! We have higher standards for our community and these outside intruders must respect our standards, period! We will not accept chaos as the norm!

 Given the fact we have successfully addressed the situation last year, where where we curved and eradicated this unruly activity, we expect the police to provide the same support we previously had:

• Additional police from the 3rd and 6th districts assigned to 75th street between king drive to Indiana Avenue on Friday evening through Saturday night

•  The BRIGHT Night Light installed on the Southeast corner of 75th and prairie from Friday through Sunday

•  The Spot Camera installed on the Northeast corner of 75th and Prairie

 The Park manor, Chatham, Grand Crossing neighborhood is not a slum! We are a Proud, Professional, Industrious community with neighbors who have lived here for several generations. We plan on keeping it this way and we demand the assistance from our law enforcement and community leaders to meet the demands of this time in keeping our neighborhood thriving.


Park Manor/Chatham/Greater Grand Crossing Resident

228 have signed. Let’s get to 500!