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750 Pages Is Not Enough JWU

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On August 28, 2017, Johnson & Wales University is giving their students a limit on how many papers they can print. They have given students 750 black and white, single sided pages to last them the 2017-2018 academic year.  Realistically this is only 375 double sided pages for the entire year which is simply not enough. Previously, students were able to scan textbooks available in the library and save money. Now they would have to choose if they want to spend hundreds on expensive textbooks that they may not even use or use their credits to print out their textbooks. Also, students utilize the library. Some students may not be able to afford a personal printer or to purchase more printing credits when they run out. Printer ink is on average anywhere from $20-$75 per cartridge. The average printer runs $60-$130 dollars. During the first week of classes, Professors urge you to print out your syllabus which would mean you can lose at least 27 pages on just syllabi. As a Criminal Justice major, I have to write papers in APA styled format which means each of my papers are approximately 20 pages long, if they are short. Other majors have to print out their experiments, for labs, which is not a safe place for electronic devices, so they can complete assignments in class and then print out lab reports. Students are also given papers to write for their classes and your laptop does not catch mistakes, you would need to print papers out to proof read mistakes accurately. Professors will now have to allow students to submit their homework online, which will negatively effect the schools wireless network that everyone will be trying to use all at once. I feel that the University should not give students a limit on printing, instead allow us to recycle our papers at an event at the end of each month or each term. I understand that the University wants to save on papers but at the end of the day, we are students. We type papers for class, print out assignments, and learn. I feel that the University should rethink this program as it will negatively effect student performance. If you believe that this new policy is outrageous or detrimental to your education, please sign.

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