Recognize "Checkpoint Charlie" as the official name of the 700 N Bus stop in Provo

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On  August 13, 1961 one of the most polarizing and iconic events in history took place. The construction of the Berlin Wall marked the beginning of East German oppression and made way for decades of horrific events  throughout the late 1900’s. The wall was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically separated the once united city of Berlin.

On August 14, 2014, Provo, Utah fell prey to a similar fate. Construction commenced on the Bus Rapid Transit System, spurring what would eventually become The Wall on 700 North. 

700 North is one of the main lifebloods of Provo, connecting thousands of students who live south of campus to BYU. Over the past years, we’ve seen constant construction and endless detours until May of this year, when seemingly overnight, The Wall appeared, cutting off all access to BYU and North Provo except at designated intersections, or “checkpoints” if you will.

As it is clearly too late to stop construction of The Wall, this is a petition to give the fitting name "Checkpoint Charlie" to the bus stop on 700 N and 400 E as it provides the only access to campus. 

In Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie was an allied checkpoint of The Wall, providing the only crossing point between the East and West. It symbolized both the cold war as well as the inpenitrability of the city's divide. Similarly, as we face the inevitable traffic to campus each morning, this bus stop will be the sole crossing point and serve as a horrible reminder of the division between North and South Provo. 

We, the signers, petition to name this bus stop “Checkpoint Charlie“ in protest to the  forcible disunification of our city.