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Charge the plastic bags to reduce waste

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Plastic bags nowadays

In Thailand, each year 70’000 tons of plastic bags are thrown away. Most of them end up in the oceans and destroy marine life. Worldwide, plastic kills 1.5 millions sea creatures each year.

How much time do we have left until it reaches our plates ?

Why this action

The goal is to reduce the consumption of plastic bags in our daily life. Currently, there are approximatively 500 billions plastic bags used worldwide per year. More than one million is used every minute. 

This campaign is aimed at people so that they become aware of sustainable development and the ongoing damages done to our home, Earth.

An awareness action

Any customer buying something at 7 Eleven receives a plastic bag automatically, even for a chewing-gum pack or a little chocolate bar. And sometimes one item is double-packed. Is it necessary to pack a plastic bottle into a plastic bag ? Do you really need one if you just end up putting your water in your backpack, car or handbag ?

The campaign already launched in january 2014 by Thailand’s Department of Environmental Quality Promotion and 7 Eleven is a good start. But ten months after, nothing has much changed and we felt like we had to do something.

A trendy and already proven way to fight against plastic bags in stores is to charge the customer for each one of them. People will reuse their bag or bring an eco-bag in order not to pay for new ones.

As a result, we need you to sign this petition to force 7 Eleven to charge people for their plastic bags instead of giving away tons of them that will end up not being used.

Together, change is possible

 By signing this petition, you do not just click one more time on the internet, you actually accept to change your habits, like us.

"If you think we can't change the world, It just means you're not one of those that will"
Jacque Fresco

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