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Offering Counterpoints to Davidon Homes SPIN!

SNO Stop Napa Oaks

Dec 1, 2017 — Davidon Homes passed out a flyer at the neighborhood informational meeting this past week. They listed “Community Benefits of Napa Oaks.” The heading is Davidon's, but the real story is the Counterpoint.

Meeting Napa’s Housing Needs on Multiple Levels
Counterpoint: This housing development meets ONE level - for the wealthy. Houses will range from approximately $1.2 - $2M.

Preserving Napa’s Viewshed
Counterpoint: $1.2- $2M dollar homes, none with sweeping views? How do you stop residents from cutting down trees to open up their views after they move in?

Improving Safety on Old Sonoma Road
Counterpoint: This is laugh out loud! They propose a Roundabout at the bottom of the hill. Old Sonoma Road has the steepest grade in all of Napa City proper. Dangerous idea!

Expansion of Public Open Space and Trail System
Counterpoint: A total of 8 public spaces inside the neighborhood - very limited! Regarding the trail, would you want to live in a $M dollar plus neighborhood where “the public” is walking past your windows?

Partnering on Affordable Housing
Counterpoint: True, they are “partnering, but the amount of money - $1.9M is enough to build 3-4 small homes.

Habitat and Oak Woodland Preservation
Counterpoint: But they will also REMOVE 509 mature oak trees!

Protecting the Hillside
Counterpoint: Will create erosion issues by grading, removing soil, installing driveways, roadways, and other hard surfaces.

Completing the City-Wide Water Loop System
Counterpoint: It’s a carrot to entice the City Council to change the zoning they need to build.

Environmental Education and Oak Tree Propagation
Counterpoint: They are removing 509 mature oak trees!

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