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Boycott Woolworths Supermarkets

Simon Mulvany
Melbourne, Australia

Jul 6, 2018 — Australian Beekeepers are furious with the conduct of Woolworths (Australia) and have suggested a national wide #boycott of the supermarket chain. Woolworths have announced they will continued to sell Chinese honey concoctions without displaying the honey is from China.

54000 people have signed the petition calling for Woolworths to stop selling Chinese honey or in the least label is with country of origin.

After Coles announced it would no longer sell Chinese honey Beekeepers around Australia rejoiced thinking Woolworths and ALDI Australia would follow.

Last week at the national beekeeping Congress, Norberto Garcia scientist and star of the Netflix series Rotten used statistics to eloquently prove that there has been an elaborate scam perpetuated by China to dominate the worlds honey market, through fake honey. Norberto communicated several scams being used by China such as blending rice syrup to honey and harvesting unrippened honey. He made it clear that there is no doubt Australia has fallen victim to fake Chinese honey.

Australia has lost at least 15 percent of commercial beekeepers over the last two decades and will lose more if the price of honey continued to drop because of Chinese imports. This in turn risks Australia’s food security that is reliant of honeybees for pollination. Low prices for Australian farmers can lead to depression and suicide.

Capilano Honey who supplies Woolworths with the Chinese honey also re export Chinese honey from Australia.

Capilano LTD land the Chinese honey at approximately $2kg they than blend it with a small amount of Australian honey and sell it in under subsidiary brands like Woolworths homebrand and Allowrie honey.

Imported honey can carry different strains of diseases that can effect not only Australian honeybees but over 1500 indigenous bee species. One disease American Foul Brood is presently decimating bee colonies. AFB disease can be spread easily by animal lovers feeding birds and possums honey outdoors. Often people use cheap imported honey to feed animals and birds. We can learn from the prawn industry. Innocently people used imported prawns for bait which decimated the local prawn industry. The same thing is happening to our bees due to imported honey.

If the government is too corrupt to act we will invoke change by boycotting greedy corporations.
If you want to support Australian beekeepers boycott Woolworths.

You can find local honey on the honeymap.

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