66 Million years old Monument is One of The World’s Only 3OldestThings Still Battling Time

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Get UNESCO World Heritage Site Status to 66 Million years old Geological Monument. Keep real-estate out of the entire zone.|

I am writing to express our very strong objection about the geological heritage monolith, such as Gilbert Hill have been not featured on UNESCO’s tentative list for World heritage nomination , which should be forwarded by the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC).  India's 66 Million (6.6 Corers) years old Monument should be considered as a Heritage grade 1 Structure. This Monolith was notified as a heritage Grade 2 structure in September 2007 by Maharashtra state Government. This prehistory’s 6,60,00,000-year-old Gilbert Hill is a 200 ft (61 m) monolith column of black basalt rock certainly the best place, at Andheri, in suburban Mumbai, India. The rock has a sheer vertical face and was formed when molten lava was squeezed out of the Earth's clefts during the Mesozoic Era about 66 million years ago. During that era, molten lava had spread around most of the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, covering an area of 50,000 square kilometers (19,000 sq mi). The volcanic eruptions were also responsible for the destruction of plant and animal life during that era. Gilbert Hill, a monolith column of Black Basalt According to experts, this rare geological phenomenon was the remnants of a ridge and had clusters of vertical columns in nearby Jogeshwari which were quarried off two decades ago. The 200-foot-high vertical columns of the Gilbert hill are similar to the Devils Tower National Monument in Crook County, north-eastern Wyoming, USA. The Gilbert Hill, Mumbai, India - One of only two Hills in the world of the same type. The other one is Devil's Tower is in north-eastern Wyoming, USA above the Belle Fourche River. They are made of Basalt hexagons protruding from the Earth. The hill offers a panoramic view of the city of Mumbai. In 2007, after years of lobbying and public interest litigation by activists, the hill was declared a Grade 2 heritage structure by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), and all quarrying and other activities around the monument were prohibited. Over the period of time, Gilbert Hill has faced severe erosion problems too.

In past years we have submitted these Nominations for world heritage site to World Monument Fund, New York and UNECSO, Paris. We had received the letters from Prime Minister’s Office (ASI) commending our efforts at addressing local issues. In this regard, Archaeological Survey of India, Delhi are directed to convey that Gilbert Hill, as Yet does not feature on UNESCO’s Tentative List for India which is a mandatory requirement before any site is considered for World Heritage nomination, The Proposal of the same should be forwarded by the State Govt. of Maharashtra along with inputs from Ministry of Environment and forest.

We find it shocking that such proposals have even found their way to the table and furthermore have now reached the stage where they are being seriously considered. Nothing is straightforward and we would like to have the confidence in the MHCC to believe that we could all work together to find a solution, but sadly until a sympathetic, sensible and holistic approach is adopted. It is so disgusting that we have to struggle with our own government to safeguard nature’s beautiful creation. Despite being apparently declared as a "national park" under the Forest Act in 1952, the Hill has seen rapid destruction over the years. The Gilbert Hill should be included for the top grading of Grade I as such structures get "maximum protection". No alterations are permitted in Grade I structures, which is not the case with Grade II. It is befitting if Gilbert Hill gets grade I status seeing its age and uniqueness of being columnar basalt. Such sites are rare and should be tapped as UNESCO’S Tentative List for India which is mandatory requirement before any site is considered for world heritage nomination. It is a pity that either through ignorance, we have failed to realize the value of our natural heritage, and have largely neglected it. The wasting of Gilbert Hill must be prevented; it should be preserved for future generations to enjoy, and to appreciate. To be thrown away into the hands of builders lobby, would be a shame. It is heartbreaking to see that our Govt. officials treat our National Monuments so recklessly. Green spaces should be preserved for all the species including humans, if it is destroyed, it will further disturb the balance of our ecosystem.

The Gilbert Hill’s beauty was recognized by film producers, how can the government not recognize the same and allow construction around such a wonderful geologic anomaly? It seems that greed has no feeling for the people's rights to have natural beauty left to nature’. The Gilbert Hill received its 15 minutes of fame in the Many Bollywood Hindi films, and Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning film includes some scenes which were shot from atop Gilbert Hill, featuring the slums of the surrounding area. This amazing monument should be considered an important part of our "Incredible India" heritage!!! By allowing the destruction and ruin of our National Monuments all that will be remained for tourist attractions, are SLUMS - DOGS & a few MILLIONAIRES!!!!!

If you have any questions about this material, we would be happy to answer them. we feel confident of receiving a favorable and helpful reply. Thanking you.



Note:  In view of above, I humbly request you that please find attached web links/ files with this letter for your reference



World Monument Fund, New York (2012 and 2014 World Monuments Watch)

UNESCO World heritage center, Head office, Paris  ( 2011)


Bombay High court Judgement copy , PIL 57 / 9-02-2012

Bombay Natural History Society, 1952 / Vol. No. 52

In view of above, I humbly request Your Excellency to direct the concerned to take following action.

1-      Enactment of a uniform and effective law in all states of India for protection of Monuments and Heritage site.

2-      Seeking a direction to the Center and state governments to recommend the monolith to UNESCO and secure a world heritage status for it.

3-      Government department should mark out the area and rigidly enforce orders on private companies to keep away from the area so marked.

4-      A sitting judge to inquire into the circumstances and an immediately action has been taken to stop construction around the hill