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Work Gym/or Monthly Gym Membership Stipend

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Many associates love to use a Gym to relieve stress, energy, or as a general coping mechanism for their everyday lives. It was once in the plan to have an office gym, and we'd like to bring that plan back.


As full time workers, it’s pretty difficult to drive home in traffic back from work, take the children to activities, cook dinner, and clean up around the house. How would you have time to also go the gym? Having an office gym makes it so much more convenient, and you’re more likely to actually exercise. If you do regularly exercise, then the office gym will save you driving time.


Cheaper Than Gym Memberships

Gym memberships can be fairly expensive and often unaffordable. So many times, people won’t have gym memberships because, financially, it’s not worth it. With office memberships, it can be much cheaper and will motivate employees to exercise.


Decrease in Health Costs 

It’s common knowledge that exercising regularly improves health. For instance, employees can lose weight and lower their blood pressure.  The healthier you are, the lower health-care costs. And as a result, the health insurance premium will decrease.


Improved Morale

Those who exercise are typically happier because exercising releases endorphins. It also allows you to sleep better each night, which then means you will have more energy during the workday. Since you are healthier, happier, and getting more sleep, you can then collaborate better and be more productive at work. Plus, anytime you need a productive break, instead of chatting next to the water cooler, you can run to the office gym and come back with greater focus.

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