Sign the Petition to Protect Our Property Values and Preserve Our Village Character

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     A Condominium Building proposal has been submitted to the Development Review Board of River Forest prior to seeking approval by the RF Village Board of Trustees.  The Builders are asking for a variance to build the Condominium an additional 20 twenty feet taller than Village of River Forest zoning regulations allow. 

     The area is known as the Lake and Lathrop TIF and is located on the SW corner of Lake and Lathrop, directly across from the St Luke Church and Bell Tower.  The area is zoned for 55 feet in height.  The buildings in the area have adhered to the existing zoning rules.  If the variance is not opposed, the Village may approve allowing the developer/builder to put up a condominium building that is 75 seventy-five feet tall.  What effect will this have on our quality of life and property values?  How great of a shadow will this building cast?  For perspective, the St Luke Church Bells inside the tall tower on the North Side of Lake Street are at a height of approximately 80 eighty feet. 

     If you believe that the developers should adhere to the existing zoning rules and not be granted a variance for any additional height, then please sign this petition.