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Recall, Reform and Regulate all 5g installations. As of right now there are many scientific facts that explain the health risks of 5G cell towers. Help protect your family, environment, and health. Since the roll out of 5G communication services requiring the involvement of radio frequency the world has been slowly killing it's self and needs to be Recalled until better sanctions are reformed and Regulated with strict regulations in all residential and urban areas. Many people are unaware of recent cell towers 5g installations withi n eye site and need to be informed or notified of new installations and health risk involving 5G radiation before any installation is performed. If you do not have 5G near your home, you will soon. In order to make a change and stand up for the next generation who has no voice and lower the risk of high levels of radiation you and your community must speak and take a stance against it. I ask that we consider all the factors in the radiation exsposure to 5Ghz Cell Towers known as "Death Towers".   Regulation should includeisafe distances from any and ALL schools, hospitals, residential/urban communities and living areas, mental health services, and follow up on any complaints involving electrosensitve individuals. The FCC has made it even harder to file a complaint against any 5G carriers. 5G needs to be stricly over watched and regulated with all these factors being implemented into all installations of Cell Towers. 5G is creating an induced electromagnetic field and killing humanity faster then we can earn a paycheck. Please sign the petition if you would like to see a  recall until better reform and regulated 5G service can be provided with safe exsposure to  Radiation Exsposure. It could save You, Family/Friends, Animals, Community, and the Environment. Please help spread the word and educate yourself and others. 5G is  and has been scientifically proven to be a slow carcinogen and 10X the rate of 2.4Ghz 4G/LTE. 


Be aware of your surroundings.  Put down technology and minimize usage and body exsposure to bare minimum. You can not completely sheild yourself from all exsposure but you can take steps to minimize it as much as possible for you and your loved ones. Turning off electricty won't do you any good. Any device that uses electricty produces an electromagnetic feild. These feilds can produce short and long wave leghts through any object or elements and exspose high levels of MF Radiation especially if LED lights are present. 5G was never studied or tested. tested we are the test dummies in real time. Ground yourself back to zero potential (Earth). Stand up for what's right and make a stand otherwise get ready for the burn. Let your voice be heard and your minds be free. Time is ticking. Hurry before it's too late. Educate yourself and SHARE SHARE SHARE! We need to spread the word fast. Any donations is highly appreciated as every cent counts in this fight against radioactive carcinogens and helps this campaign as well as others fight for what they believe in. Please use any of these hash tags when sharing on social media platforms.