5G network towers are DANGEROUS!

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There have been no tests done on the harmful effects of the radiation emitted by these towers. People overseas who have already had them switched on are experiencing numerous alarming and frightening effects. There are bodies over seas trying to stop it but we need to stand together and stop this before its too late.


 Everyone will be effected by this.

If we care about our people, our children, our animals and our environment we must stop this. There can be no failure on this subject, it must be stopped.

I and many other people are experiencing effects just from the 4G network. The constant ringing in the ears, lethargy etc. The jump in frequency from 2.4ghz (wifi) to the 5Ghz (5G wifi) will be up to 60Ghz! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ONLINE, LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE ALREADY AFFECTED BY IT.

There are independent researchers and professionals from this area of expertise coming forward and expressing their concerns.

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