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Stoppons la 5G VIVONS SANS DANG a lancé cette pétition adressée à Madam Valérie Plante (Mayor of Montreal) et à

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More than 180 experts and doctors from 36 countries have issued a call in September 2017 for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G, "until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry." They reckon that there is sufficient evidence that the current electromagnetic contamination of our environment by antennas is harmful to humans and nature. The number of cases of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome among the population continues to grow. We, the signatories of this petition, are demanding the Mayor of Montreal, Madam Valérie Plante, implement an immediate moratorium on the installation and activation of the 200 5G antennas of the Urban Innovation Lab’s pilot project, for as long as the safety of these ultra high frequencies has not been fully demonstrated, as are demanding more than 172,141 scientists, doctors and citizens from around the world who have signed - as of October 30, 2019 - the INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space. Common sense indicates that in the absence of reliable studies establishing the safety of 5G, the precautionary principle must be applied.

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POST SCRIPTUM: We learned that since the beginning of March 2020, Rogers has activated 5G antennas in 4 major Canadian cities - see HERE their coverage map and click on the Montreal icon to see the sectors covered by these new sources of electromagnetic pollution. Rogers plans to extend its 5G network to 20 other cities in 2020. As indicated HERE, their antennas transmit in the 2.5 GHz band and will then emit in the 600 MHz band. These massive MIMO type antennas emit a focused signal (using beamforming) directly targeting the device communicating with the antenna (see this illustration). Several antennas can target the same device - and therefore the person using it - to improve the stability of communication. Videotron also plans to offer 5G to its customers in 2020. Telus is also rolling out hundreds of new 5G antennas in Montreal like these. Bell has also joined the dance - a rather gruesome dance for people with electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome, many of whom in Montreal report experiencing new disabling symptoms since the beginning of March. For an idea of ​​the number of antenna sites (each of which can include from 2 to tens of antennas), see HERE. This screenshot is taken from this map allowing you to find the location of all the antenna sites in Canada, the company owning them, the number of transceivers per site, the frequency at which each transmits and several other technical data. This other screenshot shows the 10 antenna sites located only on the UQAM campus. A careful count of the number of antennas for each of these 10 sites reveals that there are a total of 154 antennas! No wonder many students report experiencing chronic migraines and strange pain every time they go to UQAM. "When I was in school, many students complained of ALL THE TIME getting sick every time they went there! Headaches, stomach aches, anxiety, restlessness ... a hell of a cocktail." - Comment received on Facebook. (End of Post-Scriptum)

Once we feel we have enough signatures, we will present them to the Mayor of Montreal and if she is reluctant to take into account the opinion of independent scientists, according to whom there is No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe, we will tell her that she could hold a referendum for the residents and workers in the area of the pilot project described below, to find out if there is any social acceptability for the activation of the 200 5G antennas that will be installed in April.


If you doubt that 5G millimeter waves can cause health problems, you might want to read Does 5G pose health risks? (part 2), an article written by an engineer from this industry who prefers to study the facts and draw his own conclusions. He says he addresses this issue in an unbiased manner. What he found is sobering. Here is the end of his article...

"My own conclusion is that there could very well be negative impacts from electromagnetic radiation. There is enough evidence to show how a causal link could exist:

mmWave frequencies conduct to the interior of the body through the sweat glands.
Bacteria and cells are affected by mmWave frequencies.
DNA damage is a precursor to cancer.

We know each of the above is true. Together they may show a possible link from mmWaves to cancer or other ailments. The key word is “may.” Also, they may not. However, these risks cannot be simply waved away as nutty conspiracy theories.

The deployment of 5G requires a closely spaced grid of base stations coupled with beamforming antennas to increase the effective radiated power. If a network is deployed on a 400 meter grid, and there is uniform population density, the median distance from a cell is 160 meters. 16% of the population will live within 80 meters of a base station, the distance at which cellular radiation showed DNA damage in the study above. It is unknown whether mmWaves increase or decrease DNA damage when compared to our current cellular frequencies.

So, given that there’s a yet unquantifiable risk, what do we do? Stop 5G until it is proven harmless? Deploy 5G until it is proven dangerous? Something in between? That is a good policy question for Part 3 of this series."

In the second segment of Part 3 of his series, the author asserts that "there are valid concerns, backed by science, about the safety of EM effects on the human body", that it is time to remove the taboo in the industry surrounding any discussion about the health effects from cellular radiation, and that we should encourage studying these effects.


  • Virtually everywhere in the world where telecommunications companies are rolling out 5G, groups of citizens are strongly opposed to the addition of thousands of new microcellular antennas, considering that their exposure to the current radiation from 3G and 4G antennas has already reached a dangerously high level. Many citizens of Geneva, Switzerland, reported having suddenly noticed many incapacitating symptoms the same day that 5G antennas were activated in their city. In Montreal only, they plan to install between 40,000 and 60,000 more antennas!
  • The fact that 5G millimeter wave frequencies do not propagate far and are easily stopped by physical objects explains the need for such a large number of new antennas. In addition, as this industry expert explains, each small antenna box can actually hold up to 1024 micro-antennas capable of creating multiple focused beams aimed at the device communicating with the antennas - and at the person holding it and everything in between. These antennas will be installed every 100 meters, mainly on lampposts, and therefore at a low height compared to the current high antenna towers. The closer you are to an antenna, the more powerful the signal.
  • If a moratorium is not quickly put in place, hundreds of thousands of Montrealers, like millions of Quebecers, will find themselves, against their will, in a few years with 5G antennas just a few meters from their home and/or their workplace. In the United States, representatives of the telecommunications industry admitted before a Senate commission that they had not funded any study to test whether the 5G radiation could affect human health. The situation is the same in Canada and elsewhere in the world.
  • Montreal plans to begin to run tests in 2020 of 200 antennas for a pilot project downtown designed to serve as a test bed for 5G, heralded as a "breakthrough technology" to distinguish it from the previous 3G and 4G. Mr. François Croteau, who is in charge of the Urban Innovation Lab project, which will be used by telecoms to carry out their tests, said that these tests are aimed in particular at investigating "whether there is any truth to claims of adverse health effects from 5G" (taken from Montreal gearing up for 5G pilot project). In this other article on this subject, Mr. Croteau said: [translation] "We will also allow the various public health departments, be they federal or provincial, to come to do analyses during this laboratory to see what are the potential impacts on the public health." Will the thousands of Montrealers who will be used as involuntary guinea pigs in this experiment to test whether human health will be affected by 5G frequencies be consulted beforehand to obtain their consent? There is no indication of this. In fact, in all the online documentation about this project, which is part of the "smart city" concept, no mention is made of possible health impacts. In this 69-page document on this project, they only talk about [translation] "Perception of the health impact from increased electromagnetic waves in the city", as if the possible health consequences were only a "perception" in people's minds and not a real possibility…

Several things are fundamentally unacceptable with this project.

  1. Using human beings without their consent to test the health impacts of a new technology violates human rights, as defined in the Nuremberg Code, as well as in the following article of the Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities: [Translation] "26. To foster the enjoyment by citizens of their right to security, Montréal is committed to: [...] e) Protecting people and their property."
  2. This project was not designed as an experiment capable of meeting the rigorous criteria of a scientific study, in order to detect which long-term effects the addition of these new ultra high frequencies in the human environment could have.
  3. Finally, the intensity of use of these microwaves at the stage of this pilot project, reserved for a handful of users and not the general public, will have no common measure with that which will be generated by the tens of thousands of 5G antennas to be installed on street furniture, like streetlamps, once the millions of devices connected to the Internet of Things and the hundreds of thousands of computers, tablets and smartphones of Montrealers will communicate with these antennas to transmit billions of segments of digital data every second, 24/7.
  4. Not only is it scandalous and outrageous that the people in charge of this project could imagine using humans, like so many lab rats, to test the health impacts of 5G, but the results of this experimentation, based on no scientific criteria whatsoever, with no long-term follow-up, and with no means for affected people to report symptoms they may have, will have absolutely no scientific value.


This petition has been launched by the citizens group STOP 5G - Montreal, together with the Stop 5G - Live Safely provincial campaign. In addition to signing this petition, you are invited to leave a comment summarizing why you do so. We also encourage you to let us know you want to help us stop 5G by sending an email to stop5gmontreal@gmail.com - please indicate "I want to participate" as the subject of your email. You will soon receive an email with a few questions so we may find out how you would like to support our efforts. We will also send you from time to time a short newsletter that will keep you informed about the main developments of this campaign.

A petition, to have impact, must be signed by a large number of people. Your help in this regard, by inviting all your contacts to sign it, can make a huge difference. Getting good information from reliable sources makes it easier to explain why opposing 5G is so critical. Visit our Facebook page and the campaign website at www.stopponsla5g.ca to get all the facts. Together, let's stop 5G!

“It would greatly extend FCC’s current policy of the mandatory irradiation of the public without adequate prior study of the potential health impact and assurance of safety. It would irradiate everyone, including the most vulnerable to harm from radiofrequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill.”

Ronald Powell, PhD, Letter to FCC on 5G expansion - Taken from A 5G Wireless Future: Will it give us a Smart Nation or Contribute to an Unhealthy One?

0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 1 500 !
Quand elle atteindra 1 500 signatures, cette pétition aura plus de chance d'être reprise par les médias et journaux locaux !