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All those who want to make a difference, PLEASE SIGN and SHARE this Appeal asking the Government of Canada to suspend the rollout of 5G and opt for safe and reliable fiber optic connections. To access the English and French versions of the Appeal, please go to www.stopponsla5g.ca/appel To sign the Appeal: www.appel5gappeal.ca/fr/index.php It's time we joined together across Canada and raised our voices to say "NO" to 5G. It's time we told our politicians that we are not guinea pigs. And now we all have a chance to firmly oppose it and to support the sensible and realistic solutions proposed in this Appeal. The culmination of the dedicated efforts of many Canadian activists, this Appeal was officially launched on May 14 across Canada. This is a world first, because never before has such a national platform of demands been formulated. More than 24 organizations across Canada are already supporting this Appeal to urge the federal government to do what many experts and citizens have already asked, namely to stop the rollout of 5G, until it is fully proven to be safe for human health and the environment, and to promote a safer approach in all respects for very high speed Internet access, namely the deployment of a national fiber optic network directty to the home of every Canadian. See the video produced to promote this Appeal: https://www.facebook.com/C4ST.ORG/posts/2909968345753862On YouTube: https://youtu.be/xW7BbztmuYg A press release was sent to all Canadian media on May 14. You can review it at https://bit.ly/368msPk "As this important Appeal to the Canadian government highlights, members of Parliament from all parties, sitting on the Standing Committee on Health in Ottawa, unanimously adopted 12 recommendations that reflected the views of the experts consulted. That was in 2015. Nothing has yet been done by the government to implement them. Inevitably, citizens wonder why those who are supposed to protect their health from the harmful effects of antenna radiation do not act. Not only is there a denial of the facts recognized by thousands of independent studies, but there is a denial of democracy when such unanimous recommendations from our elected officials are deliberately ignored. The government must explain to us why it continues to favor the interests of a handful of companies at the expense of the health of millions of Canadians. Why does it allow forced irradiation of citizens? They are absolutely right to no longer trust a government that lets a handful of businesses infringe upon their most basic rights. I wholeheartedly support the approach undertaken by the group which formulated this Appeal. It is high time that Canadians unite to take back control of the decisions affecting their health, the health of their children, and their future." - Dr. Paul Héroux - https://www.mcgill.ca/epi-biostat-occh/paul-heroux

2 years ago