Bring Participatory Budgeting to the 50th Ward

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Kathleen Reyes
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Every alderman receives $1.3M per year in funds, called menu money, to be spent at the alderman's discretion. For the past eight years, the 50th Ward has spent that money on street, sidewalk, and alley repairs. In other wards, residents determine how that money is spent through the participatory budgeting (PB) process. In PB, residents offer suggestions on public improvements, such as water fountains, refurbished playgrounds, landscaping, street benches, dog parks, etc. The community then votes on which of those improvements will be funded in a given year. PB gives the people a voice in community development. 

This petition will be presented to all the candidates running for alderman in the current election to show support for bringing the PB process to the 50th Ward, and to ask the eventual winner to institute the PB process in 2019.