50Below50campaign.org (50% elective & appointive position for people below 50yrs by 2019)

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A quick look across leadership space around the world in the last decade suggest a gradual generational shift in leadership from gerontocracy to ‘youthocracy’, where the responsibilities of governance is now in the hands of intelligently mobile young men and women as is the case in France, Canada, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg and of course Liberia, where former sports star, George Opong Weah just won the Presidential election.

As have been proved in Europe and other parts of the world, as well as in Nigeria, if you look at other sectors of life other than politics/governance, young people have proven to be tremendous agents for change and are important constituencies and drivers for peace and development.

However, in governance, young people have not been given the desired opportunity to contribute effectively to the governance of the Nigerian nation, where they could have replicated the successes they have brought in corporate governance in business, sport, culture, entertainment and other spheres of life.

50Below50Campaign.org, is an Inclusive multi-stakeholder - non-partisan, non-religious, non-ethnic initiative designed as a campaign, to ensure that going forward, the emerging political leaders feature prominently in propelling the Nigerian nation to the promise land, by participating effectively in governance through decision-making by actively contributing to policy planning and policy outcomes. It is a tool for negotiating power in 2019 for our generation from the older rulers and leaders. The target is to mobilize 50million people with PVC to sign a petition on this mandate and support this agenda locally and internationally as well as secure a commitment of N50 from every supporter.

As the 2019 general elections draws close, with the political scene already agog with political actors struggling for space, the Emerging Leaders would seek to use this advocacy to secure signed socio-political contracts with candidates and political parties across board on their commitment to have 50% of their appointive and elective postions – Vice President, Ministers, Aides, Director-Generals and others to upwardly mobile and intelligent young Nigerians below the age of fifty (50).