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In Parliament men outnumber women by more than 2:1. Only 12 extra women were elected to Westminster in the last general election, at this rate it will take around half a century to get a truly equal and representative Parliament.

50:50 want a modern Parliament where women have equal seats and equal say. Our aspiration is clear because what gets measured gets managed. This is a majority issue, women are the majority in life but the minority in Parliament. If Parliament is inaccessible to women many others must and do face hurdles too. One way or another this needs sorting. 

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This is what our petition letter to the party leaders says:

"Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, all party leaders and Parliament,

We want women to have equal seats and equal say in running the country. We want the best of both, men and women, planning the future together.  Please collaborate and take action to make Parliament more gender balanced, like life."

50:50 is asking those with the power to take action to solve this historic democratic deficit. It is an institutional imbalance that needs to be addressed. An inclusive, gender balanced Parliament would lead to more responsive and informed decision making, everyone would benefit. 

50:50 Parliament also aim to inspire, support and encourage political participation with our #AskHerToStand & #SignUpToStand campaigns.If you know a woman who would make a good MP then ask her to stand, 50:50 is here to help, see http://www.5050parliament.co.uk/askhertostand/

For more information and to JOIN 50:50 go to www.5050Parliament.co.uk. 50:50 Parliament is an inclusive, cross party, non-partisan campaign, it costs nothing to join up. 

To read more about why this matters and the many solutions see the 50:50 Parliament submission to the Women and Equalities Select Committee Inquiry here.

Two comments on the petition say it all:

Helen "Apart from the obvious injustice we are in no position to under-utilise so much talent”- Helen,

“If the institution of Parliament discourages women to participate, it is the institution that needs to change.” – Malcolm.

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