We do not want to re write next year.

We do not want to re write next year.

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First of all with all due respect to The Ministry of Education, why do we, the innocent once need to be punished for someone else's doing.

It's your fault the papers got leaked cause of your carelessness, and corrupt exam setters.

We have been studying and preparing just to be told that we are re writing, which makes us feel bad because all our efforts are thrown in the bin.

Okay so we re write next year cool, university registrations open in February and when will you people finish marking? You will mark our papers chaoticically and we might end up failing cause of pressure.

You people are not thinking about how much damage this re writing story is actually causing us, our anxiety levels are high and we are scared, nsfaf even said re writing will affect us, and not all of us are rich we need nsfaf funds, or will you pay varsity for us?


Enough is enough 

We don't want to re write, let us continue with our exams 

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!