Redirect $500 million from planned War Memorial upgrade to our Rural Fire Services

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Our Rural Fire and Emergency Services are still desperately under resourced. Our 19/20 fire affected communities still need assistance to get back on their feet. The 2019/20 fire season created conditions with the intense physical conditions of a war zone. In 2021, NSW/ QLD and WA have experienced devastating flood and cyclone.

Now is not the time to spend $500 million of tax payers’ money on expansion and redecoration of the War Memorial.  It is simply not a priority for the nation. The government should be spending funds to make sure our Rural Fire and Emergency Services are adequately resourced and that affected communities are fully supported to get back on their feet. At this time, the government should invest in the wellbeing of our here and now heroes - our RFS firefighters, SES and ordinary Australians on the front line of disasters.

Ask the government to rescind its War Memorial funding and spend money where it is badly needed,  Please share this petition. Thank you.