50% Reduction of Fees at ALL Private & International Schools in Malaysia During the MCO.

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Private & International Schools are attempting to charge full or near full fees during the MCO period.

During this period, most, if not all of us have been affected by the restrictions that have been put in place, either by the inability to perform our work functions or the closure of our businesses. As business owners ourselves, we have had to maintain staff salaries and dig into our own coffers to see us through this period. For some of us, there is little or no income coming in.

Fortunately, the government has come up with a number of steps that are helping us and our businesses to weather this storm. The moratorium on loans, and monetary assistance to our low income workers has been a really big help. At this time, we, as Malaysians are digging into our savings, cutting down our costs, and putting our heads together to find ways to make life a little bit more bearable, enabling us to survive through this unprecedented period.

All peoples and companies of Malaysia need to be nationalistic at a time like this. Companies, especially large ones, must do their part in contributing to our government and the people . Reducing prices and supporting the Malaysian people is crucial in seeing us through this challenging and uncertain period.

We, as parents, enrolled our children at your schools for a number of clear and specific reasons:

1. The facilities provided by the schools - swimming pool, music room, gym, dance room, basketball courts, fields etc.
2. The environment - the great open space and companionship with other students, friends and the school community.
3. The multiple ECA activities available, coupled with excellent facilities and professional guidance.
4. The education facilities and teaching environment, well equipped classrooms, labs, and learning equipment.
5. To have our children spend their day in a safe and secure environment from 7.30am till 3.30pm, 5 times/week.

These are the reasons we enrolled in your schools, and the reason we agree to pay international/private school fee rates.

Now, can I respectfully ask, which of these services are the schools providing to us during this MCO period?

With the MCO extensions and the announcement that schools will remain closed even after the MCO is lifted, it is then highly likely that our kids will be spending even more time away from school. We will not be enjoying any of the services we are expected to pay for.

Some schools have come back to the parents with an offer of between 5-10% discount on the fees. Firstly, thank you for the offer but honestly, these figures do not nearly seem like fair figures to us. You may argue that staff salaries and rents still need to be paid, but that is the same for all of us.

Furthermore, your expenses have reduced significantly as you are effectively running a school from home.

Please tell me, how do you justify trying to charge us 90-95% of the fees for a service you are no longer providing?

Zoom is a great tool and indeed helpful during this period. The efforts made by the school to make Zoom an interim solution to the situation is indeed commendable, but is also the new norm, and seriously, do you actually think that we should fork out exorbitant amounts of money for a couple of Zoom classes? Some schools are expecting to collect anything from 10-20K for a term during this MCO period!

There are bigger issues being faced, there are bigger needs to be fulfilled. Our medical front liners need support, there are citizens and foreigners not able to get food onto their tables because of how the wheels have changed. This is where we as a community should be putting our money, this is where assistance is wanting. How can we justify paying such amounts for Zoom.

Incidentally, even Zoom has done their part in helping during this Covid-19 pandemic by making Zoom free and without a 40 minute time-limit for schools affected by the pandemic.

Everyone in Malaysia, if not the world is having to make sacrifices at the moment. Why are schools trying to make a profit for a service that they are clearly not providing? At a time like this, do you think it is right or ethical to require parents to pay 90-95% of the fees just so that they can stay registered at your schools?

Airlines are closed, businesses are closed, schools are CLOSED.

It is our suggestion that a fair reduction in fees be offered to us.

In consideration of the present situation, expecting us to pay any more than 50% of the fees is unrealistic and unreasonable. A figure of 50% is suggested here, in understanding that the schools needs to keep themselves afloat AND need to keep their clients able and willing to stay with them till after the MCO.

As such, I would like to humbly request that the schools rethink their offer to us parents (your valued clients) and come back with a much more acceptable discount.

We parents sincerely hope that the schools will not continue with their selfish efforts to try and make a profit for a service they are not providing during these difficult times and we hope the Ministry of Education of Malaysia(MOE) will look into this matter and intervene on our behalf.

Stay home, Stay safe and Let’s beat this virus together!