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5 SUGGESTIONS TO FIGHT THE USE OF CASH: employed to evade taxes and for corruption purposes, it is expensive, polluting, dirty and nourishes robberies.


This is the first petition in the world asking for more effective interventions on the fight against the use of cash:

1. Withdraw 500 euro banknotes

2. Favour smartphone payments

3. Free bank charges

4. More incentives

5. More communication


All this, without ending in the same old limitations and obstacles procedures at the expenses of citizens (i.e. limits in cash expenses, pensions on bank accounts etc.), because it can be done without directly affecting people’s freedom and habits. The fight against cash is decisive in the battle against tax evasion, corruption, money-laundering and its exorbitant costs, robberies and thefts besides from eliminating an inconvenient and obsolete instrument from our pockets.

The war on cash is a real civil rights battle, the acceptance of electronic payment systems represents an advantage in terms of convenience and safety for families, enterprises and public administrations.

Sign the letter will send the European Commission and the institutions of the Italian Government to ask for more decisive measures in the war against the use of cash.


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