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We want animax back on TV Give our animax back

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Animax is our beloved TV was like a part of our life.We enjoyed it watching and there was a sense of belonginess with it.For me it's hard to express words for what anime done to us or impact on us.It took all our pain and slowly become a part of life.All was fine till animax got replaced by a channel called Sony yay in April.We felt that something is missing in our life.We because sad even more.We miss animax so much.India is one of the country which has otaku.

Parents always misunderstand that anime is cartoon but no,they are wrong anime and cartoons are totally different.They also say it's vulgar for kids to watch but here also they are wrong, nowadays it's been removed and descent shows are showed

would also like to add that Animax is not just a place for watching anime, as it also features Programmes like the Animax Musix through which I personally got to know many J-Pop artist and I'm sure there are many peoples out there like me. This ultimately helps artist to reach peoples/fans like me & others who like J-Pop in a far-way country(such as India).

Animax is where we came to know about Japanese culture and traditions language. It exposed our selves to them.

Please Sony bring back our animax on TV and we don't want it on Sony liv




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